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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week by Week

It's hard for me to believe that nearly a week has gone by since I posted here last. After Ellisa left we took a day to R&R then Sunday we were off to central Ohio where Donna's sister Carol lives. Carol and husband Jim were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Carol and Jim are fortunate to have two loving children that planned a big celebration for them on their 25th anniversary and again this year. The kids planned, and payed for, virtually everything. Everyone they could think of was invited - family, old co-workers, old neighbors, new neighbors, those who they had attended church with over that 50 year period and people with whom they had otherwise been acquainted. EVERYONE was invited.

Donna, being the younger sister, had interacted with many of these same folks growing up and as a young adult. I had also come to know many of them. This was the first we had seen of a large number of these people for many, many years. We were able to renew friendships going back longer than I care to remember. We stayed in town Sunday night then got together again on Monday for more fellowship. It was really a great celebration. Donna and I probably enjoyed it as much at Carol and Jim did. Perhaps Donna and I will also survive long enough to have a 50th anniversary.

Tuesday Donna started back to work and I hid in the house as the weather was cold and unpleasant. I did get out letterboxing one day and found two boxes. One of these was a strange one which is referred to as a "Treasurer Trove". Inside of this box is a collection of stamps which people keep adding onto. There are 22 of these in the box at the present time. That took a long time to get everything stamped and accounted for.


Unknown said...

What a cool letterbox!!! I wanna check that one out...maybe in the fall sometime.

Gene said...

Larry: Glad to see that you guys had such a good time when the kids were there. Hope all is well with you and Donna: Love Dot