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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Slow pace and reflection

Since Payton has been returned to his parents it seems quiet and slow around here.

We really haven't done that much this week. We went to an Indians game Monday night, we both got haircuts on Tuesday, I made a stab at letterboxing without any new successes. Donna is working at getting ready for the new school year.

This weekend I will be out on the road most of the time as a volunteer in support of, "Pedal to the Point", a fund raising bike ride event for MS. I have done this several times in the past but not recently. As one of several ham radio operators I will be somewhere along the route, supplying communications support, for most of the weekend. So I have been going over my check list (I'm a bit OCD) and testing equipment in preparation.

My Daughter Ellisa, Payton's mother, has been reflecting a lot recently as a "Milestone Event" has been approaching. Today is her birthday, I won't say which one. Happy Birthday Dear!. Likewise during the last week or two I have been preoccupied by my own approaching "Milestone Event". In a few weeks my High School Class will be having a "Fifty Year" reunion. Now I don't have any plans to attend, but it does give me pause to think. Where am I and where could I have been if I had lived my life differently. How could I have done better at accomplishing those things we were put here to do? I don't like many of the answers that I get.

Looking back I can see that I made several poor decisions in critical areas. I am amazed at how easy it is to rationalize choices as being good or OK when in our heart we know better. But the really scarry thing is that even with hindsight I don't know if I would do any better today. In fact I still struggle with many issues today that led to those choices. Have I learned anything from my errors? Will I do better next time. I can only reflect, hope, and pray that I will... at least most of the time!

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