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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family Matters - Getting Real

Yesterday was our last full day to spend with Payton during our summer visit. Today after church we will be taking him back to Toledo where we will pass him off for his return home. Last night his Uncle Damon took him out for some fun time at "Swings and Things", but we did not spend the day doing the usual kid fun things. Instead we drove over 70 miles south where we had arranged to meet with his 94 year old Great-Great Aunt Ruby for lunch.

Why? Because family matters. The older I get the more I understand.... i.e., really deeply understand that jobs, titles, prestige, honors, money and things... even health or lack of it... are not the source of joy and fulfillment. These temporary situations can't and won't provide real lasting happiness. Possessions, activities, and accomplishments.... even those dreams and pleasures that we were sure that we couldn't live without, ultimately leave us dissatisfied and/or disappointed.

It seems that there are only three things that really, really matter.

Our relationship with our partner for eternity, God himself.

Maintaining a close, loving, helping, caring, forgiving relationship with family, friends, partners, and loved ones... all of them... whether or not events and circumstances have left us feeling good, bad, or ordinary.

Those thing which we are able to do which will help satisfy the needs of others and improve our world.

Everything else is temporary and of no lasting value.


Unknown said...

I'm so glad you took Payton to see Aunt Ruby. I love the picture.

And it sounds like your coming around. ;) Family *IS* way more important than what you do or who your title says you are or what your newest toy is. Because when all that's is all you have left.

Christine said...

What a wonderful picture for Payton to have!

You summed up all I have been feeling for the last month in one blog post! Thank you!

Gene said...

Larry: Glad you and Donna had such a great week with Payton. The Pics are great, and make such great memories. Dot

Lorene said...

That was the MOST beautiful blog post ever! It's really all about family. I have felt that way from the very beginning. It matters none the car you drive, the house you live in or the clothes you wear. It's family. ALWAYS family.

I am so glad you are having such a wonderful time with Payton! We love him!

(a friend of Ellisa's)

Kim Cervone said...

What a deep post, and amazing outlook. I just read somthing similar in "Purpose Driven Life" Elissa and I were discussing it : )
(playgroup friend)