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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week by Week

It's hard for me to believe that nearly a week has gone by since I posted here last. After Ellisa left we took a day to R&R then Sunday we were off to central Ohio where Donna's sister Carol lives. Carol and husband Jim were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. Carol and Jim are fortunate to have two loving children that planned a big celebration for them on their 25th anniversary and again this year. The kids planned, and payed for, virtually everything. Everyone they could think of was invited - family, old co-workers, old neighbors, new neighbors, those who they had attended church with over that 50 year period and people with whom they had otherwise been acquainted. EVERYONE was invited.

Donna, being the younger sister, had interacted with many of these same folks growing up and as a young adult. I had also come to know many of them. This was the first we had seen of a large number of these people for many, many years. We were able to renew friendships going back longer than I care to remember. We stayed in town Sunday night then got together again on Monday for more fellowship. It was really a great celebration. Donna and I probably enjoyed it as much at Carol and Jim did. Perhaps Donna and I will also survive long enough to have a 50th anniversary.

Tuesday Donna started back to work and I hid in the house as the weather was cold and unpleasant. I did get out letterboxing one day and found two boxes. One of these was a strange one which is referred to as a "Treasurer Trove". Inside of this box is a collection of stamps which people keep adding onto. There are 22 of these in the box at the present time. That took a long time to get everything stamped and accounted for.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Keep on Keeping on

Well we all did the Indians game Wednesday night as part of Ellisa's birthday celebration. Ellisa and her two sons, two of her brothers, her brother Damon's girl friend Stephanie, Donna and I all got together for the evening . The weather was just right, the game went quickly, the Indians won, and the young ones didn't get too bored.

Thursday turned into another back to school shopping day, then Friday Ellisa took her two home and we were back to the normal routine except that Donna has contracted to have our downstairs bath remodeled so we have 2 contractors in the house all day and we are sharing one bath.

Yesterday was a good letterboxing day as I tried out my scooter to reach some that would otherwise have been inaccessible to me. I found two that required a trip of over two miles through the woods on dirt paths. One of the two was a Hitchhiker Hostel which contained 5 hitchhikers so I have 6 new stamps - - On the right side I have added a link to my letterboxing log.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

He'ss Ba-aack

Yes he is back... and his Mother, and his Brother. For a few days Joy is ringing throughout our household again as Payton has brought his Mother (My Daughter Ellisa) and his Brother Maxwell to spend a few days with us. I stole this shot from Ellisa's family photo website

The Pedal to the Point thing went well. I was able to help out by getting a needed Medic when a rider went down on loose gravel. I also directed traffic, returned lost riders to the course, warned of hazards, etc.

Ellisa came in Monday afternoon, we went to Dinner at Red Lobster to celebrate her recent birthday. Yesterday was shopping day for the Women and Kids. I stayed home and puttered around.

This morning is more back to school shopping and tonight is another Indians game with many of our family. Hopefully I can get some pics today.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Slow pace and reflection

Since Payton has been returned to his parents it seems quiet and slow around here.

We really haven't done that much this week. We went to an Indians game Monday night, we both got haircuts on Tuesday, I made a stab at letterboxing without any new successes. Donna is working at getting ready for the new school year.

This weekend I will be out on the road most of the time as a volunteer in support of, "Pedal to the Point", a fund raising bike ride event for MS. I have done this several times in the past but not recently. As one of several ham radio operators I will be somewhere along the route, supplying communications support, for most of the weekend. So I have been going over my check list (I'm a bit OCD) and testing equipment in preparation.

My Daughter Ellisa, Payton's mother, has been reflecting a lot recently as a "Milestone Event" has been approaching. Today is her birthday, I won't say which one. Happy Birthday Dear!. Likewise during the last week or two I have been preoccupied by my own approaching "Milestone Event". In a few weeks my High School Class will be having a "Fifty Year" reunion. Now I don't have any plans to attend, but it does give me pause to think. Where am I and where could I have been if I had lived my life differently. How could I have done better at accomplishing those things we were put here to do? I don't like many of the answers that I get.

Looking back I can see that I made several poor decisions in critical areas. I am amazed at how easy it is to rationalize choices as being good or OK when in our heart we know better. But the really scarry thing is that even with hindsight I don't know if I would do any better today. In fact I still struggle with many issues today that led to those choices. Have I learned anything from my errors? Will I do better next time. I can only reflect, hope, and pray that I will... at least most of the time!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Family Matters - Getting Real

Yesterday was our last full day to spend with Payton during our summer visit. Today after church we will be taking him back to Toledo where we will pass him off for his return home. Last night his Uncle Damon took him out for some fun time at "Swings and Things", but we did not spend the day doing the usual kid fun things. Instead we drove over 70 miles south where we had arranged to meet with his 94 year old Great-Great Aunt Ruby for lunch.

Why? Because family matters. The older I get the more I understand.... i.e., really deeply understand that jobs, titles, prestige, honors, money and things... even health or lack of it... are not the source of joy and fulfillment. These temporary situations can't and won't provide real lasting happiness. Possessions, activities, and accomplishments.... even those dreams and pleasures that we were sure that we couldn't live without, ultimately leave us dissatisfied and/or disappointed.

It seems that there are only three things that really, really matter.

Our relationship with our partner for eternity, God himself.

Maintaining a close, loving, helping, caring, forgiving relationship with family, friends, partners, and loved ones... all of them... whether or not events and circumstances have left us feeling good, bad, or ordinary.

Those thing which we are able to do which will help satisfy the needs of others and improve our world.

Everything else is temporary and of no lasting value.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The County Fair

What is the fair all about:

The Rabbits and the Turtles,
the Hens and the Ducks,
the Horses and the Cows,
the Sheep and the Goats,
and all the other animals.

It's about the vendors with their junk,
the prizes and the games,
And taking silly pictures.

Don't forget Junk food - - -

And Rides, Rides, and more Rides.

I think we must have had fun.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Welcoming the Wee One

Often things in life do not work out quite as we had imagined. With four children we had expected that we would have many Grandchildren to share our later years with. As it has turned out we were already in our sixties when our daughter produced the first one. She now has another, but her three brothers (two of them much older) still haven't figured it out. To make things worse she lives a distance away (it is about a three hour drive) so we don't see her family often.

Each summer we have been trying to get Payton, her 5 year old son, down to visit with us for as long as she will permit. So last Saturday Donna drove to Toledo, where our Son-in-law's parents live, and picked up the wee one. She wants him back by Sunday.

If you visit this blog often you might remember the "March Hare Syndrome" back in May. We have been Runnning!! Zoo, library kids stuff, church activities, fishing, letterboxing, etc. This morning we will be off to the Cuyahoga County Fair. What fun, but I am getting worn out.