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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vacation Memories - Food

This morning I was reflecting on our recent vacation at Topsail Island, NC. I am a foody -- My fondest memories of events often center on food and vacation is no exception.

Some time ago I discovered a company that started as a pecan orchard with a local farm stand. Over time it has expanded to include a variety of nut related products. The founder passed away a few years ago leaving the operation to his family. His widow is presently the CEO. They have a long and favorable reputation of operating the way folks did 50 years ago. They employ most of the local community and contribute generously to it. Their helpers are often lifetime employees and are considered family. I fear that unpleasant changes will take place to this Southern American company from yesteryear when Jane is no longer at the helm. They have a great little catalog which includes local interest news articles and they send a wonderful recipe book with nut orders. Among other things "Sunnyland Farms" makes and markets some of the best chocolate that you will ever find on earth, but they stop shipping on Mother's day to avoid it melting in transit. Early each year I get some of there fantastic toffee to share at the beach. This year after several days in the car we found a chocolate goo when we unpacked at the beach house. It was stuck in the fridge long enough to re-solidify then cut apart as desired. It didn't seem to effect the flavor as it was all eaten by the end of the week. Donna likes to get fudge at "Topsail Trading Co". I also get saltwater taffy locally and we enjoy several meals out. I will have to tell you about the cake we had with our 40th anniversary dinner a couple of years back.

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