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Friday, July 25, 2008

Meandering Link Trails, Letterboxing and Campmeeting

Yesterday I started my day in the usual manner. I got on the internet and began reading my email, checking my financial accounts, then checking my blog faves. It was my intent to go from that to posting here and on my other blog. Instead I allowed myself to get suckered into meandering down the link trails. I did read a lot of interesting healthy, inspirational, and educational articles but ran out of time. I really have to be more disciplined in my surfing.

Rather than food talk today I will return to letterboxing. While on vacation I did really enjoy planting a box along with my daughter and grandson. I have elaborate plans for planting several more boxes both here and at the beach. Here we have a photo of the six (The train is a series of three) boxes I located in in North Carolina.

Last week Donna and I spent a few days at our annual church district assembly and camp meeting. The government of our denomination, The Nazarene Church, is a representative democracy much like our National Government. There is an annual gathering attended by elected representatives of each local church to make decisions and conduct the business of the church at large and several departments within. Also an old fashioned "Camp Meeting", sort of a mini-revival, is held in conjunction with the assembly. Donna was a delegate to part of this, so we drove down and spent a night.

While there we did locate one letterbox on the Grounds of Mount Vernon Nazarene University where this years meeting took place. I now have over thirty finds which I am keeping track of here.

When our children were young they always looked forward to going to camp meeting where they would often spend a full week with there grandmother. She had a small cabin on the old Columbus Ohio, Morse Road, Central Ohio District campground in use at that time. They still have fond memories of those times.

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