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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wow - It's been a week

Vacation is looming in the near future. I found this shot I took in 2005 and just made it my wallpaper.

It's been a real different week full of ups and downs. A quick summary:

Good - Donna is home for the summer, she needed the R&R, especially to rest her knee.

Bad - The computer got so obstinate that I had to take it into the shop. I suffered withdraw being without it for four days.

Good - It was replaced by a newer, bigger, better, faster one.

Bad - I now have weeks of work to do trying to recover my computers applications and documents.

Good - The wife and kids paid for the new one - "HAPPY FATHERS DAY"!!

Bad - It's been too hot to go outside for more than a few minutes.

Good - I did some work on the Church website, Not all updates and calender reconstruction have been completed, but it is better.

Bad - I found more work to do on the Church site than I had expected.

Good - Donna took me to an Indian's Game Wednesday Night. It was one of the coolest days we have had for awhile.

Bad - The Indian's lost the game.

Good - I think all of the plans and preparation for the beach that can be done now has been completed.

Bad - More will come up in the next two weeks as we get down to the wire and start to pack up.

So what is a man to do?

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Great pic dad! I think I took that one two years ago. At the beach house we'll be at this year again.

And just roll with the punches life gives out.

Happy Father's Day!!