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Friday, June 6, 2008

Where's The Beach??

Ah yes - - It's almost time for our annual family pilgrimage to the sea. For the last 25 years the word "Vacation" has automatically been translated by my crew into "North Carolina Beach". To them the word has no other meaning. I can't quite understand how I got hooked up with this as I am really not a beach person. But, to preserve what is left of peace and tranquility in the family, I dutifully obey the annual sirens call.

My wife Donna is a school teacher for another year or so with the typical summer break and I have retired. So we are free to take our time coming and going. This year in consideration of the cost of fuel we have decided to accept the challange of spending two weeks on the road in my Saturn Ion. Can you feel the squeeze? For several years we have rented a full sized car which adds a remarkable level of comfort as well as lots of room to pack "stuff". So "stuff" will be a much smaller list this year. On the plus side not having to pay for a rental car we can take another day or two coming and going without those additional charges.

Several years ago I happened upon a Hot Springs Area in Berkeley Springs, WV and mentioned it to Donna as a potential stopover going to the beach. We stoped, she tried it, and once she had sampled the "Hot Tub and Message" routine she became a disciple. As it turned out it was this country's original Spa which was both surveyed and enjoyed by George Washington and many of his family and friends. Now some hot spring location must be included in my planning. Usually it is this original one. We will stop there.

We are scheduled into a Beach House on Topsail Island, NC for a week starting on Saturday the 5th of July. I try to keep the driving down to about 6 hours a day. So my plan is Tuesday - Berkeley Springs, Wednesday - Rocky Mount NC, Thursday and Friday - New Bern NC, Saturday to Saturday - Beach House, Saturday Night - Beckley WV, and home Sunday.

On the 4th we will watch New Bern's parade. They were one of the first cities in the US to celebrate Independence day and it is still a big deal there. On the evening of the 4th, being Cleveland Indians baseball fans, we will take in a game followed by fireworks watching the Kinston, NC Indians a Cleveland "A" farm team. Can you believe reserved seats are available for four bucks each?

I have also located letterboxes along the way that I will attempt as time permits. There are boxes at or near each stopover and at rest stops in between. I was surprised to learn that a number of them had been planted by "Penguin Patrol" a boxer from Michigan who has many in my area. Several of these sound like a lot of fun.

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Unknown said...

Sounds like a great time, Dad. I'm anxious for the beach, but also to see your logbook from your boxing adventure when we get there!