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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Living with bureaucracy

I had wanted to do some letterboxing early this week, but after looking at my honey do list, I decided it would be prudent to do some other things first. I had just discovered that a Government issued permit which I use regularly had expired the first of this month. So I began trying to renew it. I found that I had to: make an appointment (done - next Monday AM), to download and complete the application, and then to take it along with a passport photo, certificate of training, and a photo ID to the appointment.

It turns out that the application requires a complete detailed listing of every place that I have lived since I was 18 years old. Now I am not a young man, we are being asked for the full address including Zip code of every place I had lived for the last 55 plus years. For those of you who are younger I will point out that Zip codes did not exist 50 years ago. As a result I spent most of the day reconstructing the useless details for over half a century of wanderings. I moved a lot during my 20 years in the Army. Fortunately I have been stuck in one place ever since then.

Yesterday was a chilly day so it might have been uncomfortable out letterboxing anyway. I took a short break in the early afternoon to check out the Garden. I found that something had been chewing on my lettuce and my rosemary. I was not surprised at the lettuce, but have never had a problem with rosemary prior to this. I usually put a low fence around the garden plot, but it is not very pretty so I had not put it back up this year. It's up now!!

Today it was chilly again, I spent most of the day on the computer trying to get more things back in order, doing some work on the church site, and preparing a list of letter boxes that I can get to quickly on cold days.

Tomorrow it will still be colder, but I plan to get out and work some boxes the to go get a haircut.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Man!! That inventory list of your addresses sounds like hassle! I can't remember all the places I've lived in the last 10 years, so I'm not sure how you can do the last 50!

Good luck with the boxes! Let me know which ones you go after and what you find.