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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Personal Stamp

When you have found a letterbox it is the custom to use the stamp found inside to make an entry into your personal log book and to make an entry in the letter-box's logbook which will indicate you were there. Most hunters include there personal stamp as part of the entry into the box's logbook.

So if I am going to try this out I need a stamp. I have been thinking on this and have decided to use a the "Trail Name" of 1SG and an adaptation (a silhouette) of the logo at the right as my stamp.

Now I am getting prepared to make a stamp. I have carved wood a bit and think the woodcarving tools will work well for carving the stamp. I managed to find some materials to use, so I think I am about ready to go.

I hope to be able to enjoy this sport with my Daughter and Grandson's this summer.

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