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Wednesday, April 30, 2008


In the Army we had a saying to the effect of: When you are up to your buns in alligators, it's hard to remember that your initial objective was to drain the swamp.

That pretty well summarizes my activity for the last few weeks. While "boxing" is high on my list of things to do it has not been able to ace out nursing the wife back to normal after her total knee replacement (See My Gods Janitor blog). In that regard I have much running around to do for a week or two yet. Also I need to get a radio (HAM) in my car before the Dayton HAMVENTION in two weeks and to get some vegetable and herb plants into the ground real soon.

Stay tuned we well get it all done yet

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Personal Stamp

When you have found a letterbox it is the custom to use the stamp found inside to make an entry into your personal log book and to make an entry in the letter-box's logbook which will indicate you were there. Most hunters include there personal stamp as part of the entry into the box's logbook.

So if I am going to try this out I need a stamp. I have been thinking on this and have decided to use a the "Trail Name" of 1SG and an adaptation (a silhouette) of the logo at the right as my stamp.

Now I am getting prepared to make a stamp. I have carved wood a bit and think the woodcarving tools will work well for carving the stamp. I managed to find some materials to use, so I think I am about ready to go.

I hope to be able to enjoy this sport with my Daughter and Grandson's this summer.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Music Mound Letterboxes

I found that there is a set of eight letterboxes near my home that are pretty easy to get to. This is actually a set of seven mini-boxes (stamp only) and one regular box (stamp and log book). It is identified as "The sound of music series" and is located in a local park at a place known as "The Music Mound". This is a nice wooded opening with a stone "Stage" at the distant end that is popular for weddings. In fact my oldest son was married there.

So I set off to explore and see what letter-boxing was really like. I located the first 3 boxes but stopped at that as I do not yet have a personal stamp or log book. I found it to be much fun and the hand carved stamps that I found are really very well done.

I'm hooked, so know design and carve a stamp and decide what to use for a logbook, then I'll be off to see the world.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Where we are going

I created this blog without much of an idea where I was going with it. I do maintain another one, God's Janitor, where I have been posting philosophical and religious thoughts and musings. My daughter got me interested in blogging while she was visiting last Christmas.

Recently she has been taking her two boys on an adventure know as letterboxing. It sounded like a ton of fun so I did some reading about it. I have a number of physical problems that limit my activity much more than I would like. This sounds like a possible way to get out and have some fun.

So now I need to find a couple of them to get a better feel for them, decide on a design and make a personal stamp, get a logbook, and probably place a few of my own.